Sunday, 9 October 2011

Arabic Letter Sounds - Kaf vs Qaf

Kaf ( ك )  vs Qaf ( ق )

Ever wonder why Arabic has many similar sounding letters, i.e. Kaf (ك) and Qaf (ق) ?

Here's an example of why:

What is more heavier and firmer in preserving information; Speech or Writing?

Writing obviously is because once written, it is harder to distort or change.

The word for Speech is Kalaam ( كلام ) in arabic.

The word for the Pen is Qalam ( قلم ) in arabic.

Qaf is a heavier letter when pronounced, while Kaf is lighter sounding letter.

Kalaam (Speech) is much lighter and weaker in preserving information in comparison to the Qalam (Pen) which is more firmer in preserving information.

And this is why, the Qaf [a heavier letter] is used for the Qalam (Pen) in comparison to the letter Kaf describing Kalaam (Speech).

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