Saturday, 27 March 2010

Miracle Qur'an Challenge: Write a Palindrome Phrase - read the same backward as forward.

Asalaam alaikum Warahmatulah Wabarakatuh

Palindrome Miracle

و ربك ف ك بر
[wa Rabaka Fa Kabir]
(focus on the consonants only in the arabic language)

And your Lord (Allah) magnify! [so magnify your Lord]

[Quran Surah Mudatthir 74:3]

What is a Palindrome?

A word or phrase that reads the same backward as forward.

A challenge to those who reject the linguistic miracle of Qur'an

Can you provide a meaningful sentence - in any language - which can be written in a Palindrome form? The above aayah/verse has 4 words in a Palindrome form, so the challenge for them is to beat that.

Some points to add to this that were mentioned:

1) It was spoken and the one who spoke it was illiterate. It's pretty darn hard to come up with a palindrome when you sit down and work it out, yet it might be possible, but to speak it out of the blue -> you only get one shot at getting it right because what is being is said is memorized instantly and written down. You can't go back and modify it. Plus the speaker himself, the Messenger (saw), is illiterate so it's not like he could have sat down before hand and worked through it.
2) It was recited together with the verses before and after it. I.e. it's right in the middle of a passage and the fact that the verse being a palindrome fits so well in the context of what's being said and doesn't take anything away from the coherency and meaning.

3) It was unknown at the time but discovered later by linguistic scholars who spent their time looking through the Qur'an for such aspects of linguistic excellence. It's not like the Prophet (saw) went around and said look, this verse has a palindrome. It's just there.


Divine said...

If someone shows me these things then what should I say...

Madam I'm Adam
Rats live on no evil star

Please Answer.
Jazakallah Khair

HTCowboy said...

You must argue from the point of the fact that the Prophet pbuh was unlettered. And that when the revelation came down to him, it was transmitted orally and He did not have the time to sit and revise such a statement. So, it's not arguing that only the Qur'an contains such statements, it's making a point that a Man who had no Formal education was able to use such advanced techniques.

Atila Orhan said...

The Palindrome must surely be in context of what a book is about and the two Qur'anic Palindromes do indeed inform us about the message being delivered but the two written by Divine do not seem to be in any context.

Unknown said...

That makes no sense and can not be put in any context. Plus the grammar is garbadge. Sounds foolish, and can not be compared to Quran. Plus ik you got that for internet, where they took hundreds of years to think, yet makes no sense.

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